Pricing conditions

Period of validity:

Except as otherwise provided in the Ticket or in the General Conditions of Carriage, or in the case of Tariffs affecting the period of validity of a Ticket, as indicated to the Passenger at the time of ticket purchase or on the ticket itself. A ticket is valid for transport:

  • One year from the date of issue, or
  • One year from the date of use of the first Coupon, if it occurs in the year of issue.


Ticket modifications:

Refer to the General Conditions of the Passenger and Baggage Contract.

The Tariff applied on the date of issue of the ticket is valid only for a ticket used in full and in the sequential order of the Flight Coupons, for the trip and on the dates indicated. Any non-compliant use may result in the payment of a tariff supplement under the conditions defined below.

Each Ticket Flight Coupon will be valid for carriage in the class specified on it, on the date and for the flight corresponding to the Reservation made.
Unless special conditions apply to certain Rates, if the Passenger wishes to change all or part of his journey (time, point of departure or destination of the trip, dates, classes of reservations ...), he must first contact the carrier or the accredited agent having sold the ticket to him. The transmission provider will then calculate the new rate corresponding to this change.

The passenger will then have the possibility to accept the new price or to maintain the initial transport as written on the ticket

In the event of a change, service fees will, if applicable, be applied.

Any change to all or part of the trip by the Passenger may result in a change to the fare initially paid by the passenger. Rates are valid only on dates and only for the flights indicated on the ticket.